13th February, 2019

8 Reasons To Choose Bespoke Website Design

By Christopher White
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Cotswold Websites are specialists in bespoke website design, so our clients have the website which is both unique to them, along with meeting the highest design standards. A bespoke website will provide you with a primary online presence which stands out in your visitors’ memory as portraying your brand or business as the best in its sector. This post looks at 8 reasons to choose bespoke website design to guide you to the best website for your needs.
There are plenty of pre-built template websites out there, such as Wix, Weebley, SquareSpace, and many others. These pre-built solutions are great for what they are, but they do have limitations and drawbacks when compared to bespoke website design.

Some Drawbacks of a Template System

  • Pre-built template websites are designed to be quickly and easily put together using standardised code and blocks. This means that you, along with potentially thousands of other users, are effectively using the same design for your new website. A bespoke website design will provide you with uniqueness.
  • Many pre-built template websites are hard coded to always show the builder’s brand on each page. This will quickly show your clients that you are using an off-the-shelf generic website. How does that fit with your brand image?
  • There is an inherent lack of control of how the blocks and elements of a pre-built template function under different scenarios. Their mobile responsiveness will be calculated or emulated upon screen size, rather than design especially for specific screen resolutions and sizes.
  • Having a web designer create a new website for you on a pre-built template can prove to be false economy. You can end up paying way over the odds because you get the website designer to alter the template as it does not fit what you want, out of the box. The result can be a costly compromise where you find yourself paying prices nearer bespoke website design costs, but with a sub-standard result.
Bespoke Web Design

Why Bespoke Web Design Is Better

Bespoke website design is he difference between buying an off the peg High Street store suit, and a bespoke Savile Row suit. The High Street suit is perfectly usable, but it lacks the quality of cloth and fit. A bespoke Savile Row suit will be measured to fit perfectly, be of the finest cloth and will look amazing. The same is true with a bespoke website.

The client will be at the forefront with bespoke website design, rather than the website itself. Right from the start, the bespoke website designer will analyse the client’s business’s image, its business requirements, its target audience, and much more. The designing phase will take into account the company’s brand image and colours to make sure that the website matches all products and branding.

The Web Designer's Expertise

When you commission a bespoke website, you are also in reality taking on the website designer’s expertise. With a bespoke website you will be able to leverage the web designer’s skill to help you make the most of technical tricks and ideas to give your website the edge over your competitors.

What if you ask you web designer if this or that idea is possible? A good bespoke website designer will in most cases be able to find you a solution to creating your idea, though in some cases it may require custom coding to develop the result. You will not get this sort of service – or ability – through a pre-built template system.

Is Bespoke Web Design Expensive?

It depends upon your requirements! A large, complex eCommerce website can cost a lot of money. However, you may be surprised as to how little a relatively simple bespoke website designed for you can cost, especially when compared to the template websites. Unfortunately, some of the template website companies can be unscrupulous and charge fees which are way more than they are worth.

Bespoke websites for the average small company needing an informational website, should generally cost in the region of £3,000 to £6,000, depending upon specification. If a very simple two to four page bespoke website is wanted, then you could find the price dropping to as little as £1,500 - £2,500. Our advice would be to always get a selection of quotations for bespoke website design before going with a pre-built template company, on the assumption that they will always be cheaper. It is not always the case!

Bespoke Web Design


Pre-built websites are based upon the business model of selling lots of websites to cover the cost of the development of the system. Developing pre-built / one-size-fits-all website platforms is an expensive business. It will also mean that the underlying technology could be old.

A bespoke website will always be designed using the latest technology. It should also be able to keep up with changes in technology as new things come along. The last thing you want is to spend a sizeable summon your website to find that within a year or two that it is technologically obsolete. If you want to keep ahead of your competition, get a bespoke website designed for you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Be aware of what you are getting for your money. A reputable bespoke website designer will always provide you with full search engine optimisation for each page and image of your website. Without SEO, your website would be like a car without wheels – useless! If you are thinking of going down the pre-built solution avenue, make sure that SEO is covered. If not, walk away immediately.

Website Maintenance Gloucestershire

Website Maintenance & Security

Good website maintenance is an absolute must in this age of dynamic websites. They are vulnerable to hacking attacks and other security risks. You should therefore think beyond the actual creation of your bespoke website, and to how you plan to keep it updated, secure and performing well. A good bespoke website designer will be able to provide website maintenance support to you. This support could be the basic support to keep the website safe and updated, or it could be an all-encompassing support package to include digital marketing services as well. Ask your bespoke website designer how they will support you in the months and years ahead. Before making your choice of who will design your bespoke website.


As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for! If you need and want excellence, you need a bespoke website designed to suit your precise purpose.

Bespoke website design gives you the flexibility to have control of the website which you have commissioned. It will look exactly as you want it to and will have all the features you need to fulfil the main goals of the website

Always get a quotation from a bespoke website designer before making a decision to use an off-the-shelf template website. Be fully open about your maximum budget for your project. You may be pleasantly surprised about the cost and even happier about the outcome! We hope that this post about 8 reasons to choose bespoke website design has helped you. We would love to hear from you if you have more questions.

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