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PRO - The Future Of WordPress Website Building

Themeco's Pro Theme is one of the most advanced WordPress themes on the market. It is Cotswold Websites' WP theme of choice. Despite the immense capabilities of Pro Theme, it is intuitive to use and new users will quickly be able to learn how to use it effectively.

Pro Theme will enable you to create a website of any design and styling. Its visual builder enables you to see your additions and changes as you make them.

One of the hidden extras of your purchase of Themeco's Pro Theme is that it comes bundled with over £1,000 worth of premium plugins, all of which integrate with Pro perfectly.

Header, Footer & Content Builders

The header and footer builders in Pro are game-changers. They allow you to create headers and footers in any style you choose and alter them to suit any screen size. Pro headers and footers allow for multiple headers to exist and be allocated either globally or to individual pages or posts.

Pro's Headers and footers are structured into three levels of hierarchy:

  • Bars - stack multiple bars to build up the vertical structure of the header or footer. Using flex controls, bars can be structured as rows or columns.
  • Containers - single or multiple containers can sit in a bar. Using the flex controls, containers can be laid out as rows or columns.
  • Elements - single or multiple elements sit within containers. Elements are the things you see in your design - text, images, videos, accordions, etc..

Similar to the header and footer builders, the content builder is the heart of the creation of each web page of your website. The structure of the page content is slightly different to the header and footer builders. there is an additional layer in the hierarchy:

  • Section - the top-level (similar to the bar). Multiple sections can be used on a page to neatly build your layout.
  • Row - one or more rows can sit within a section.
  • Column - one or more columns can sit within a row.
  • Elements - just like the header and footer builders, the elements are used to present the information you display on your website.

Flex controls and special elements, like the grid element or row element enable you to create really complex designs, which are not possible with most WordPress themes. For many people who have started using Pro theme, these features mean that pro is their go-to WP theme.

PRO Theme Elements

We mentioned Pro's elements in the previous section. Let's now look at them in more detail to give you an idea of how easily you can piece together a stunning website. Below are the fully customisable elements used in Pro. In addition, there are over 40 "Classic" elements which are much simpler in their features. Most ahve been superceded by the elements below. We will not detail all of the Classic Elements here.
  • Accordion - build and style accordions to contain collapsed content areas.
  • Alert - add a stand-out alert to your web page.
  • Audio - insert and style an audio file on the web page.
  • Breadcrumbs - place breadcumb navigation anywhere on your page.
  • Button - create and style buttons. Very powerful feature.
  • Card - add a flip card to display a second message when hovered-over. A great call to action element.
  • Cart Dropdown - insert a shopping cart button which displays the cart in a drop-down when the button is clicked. Highly customisable.
  • Cart Modal - similar to Cart Dropdown, but opens a modal pop-up to display the cart when the button is clicked.
  • Cart Off-Canvas - a third variant of the hidden shopping cart. This version brings the cart in from the side of teh screen when the button is clicked. A favourite of ours!
  • Content Area - an element where you can add HTML or rich text.
  • Content Area Dropdown - you can add HTML or rich text content which is displayed in a dropdown when the button is clicked.
  • Content Area Modal - like the previous element, this displays HTML or rich text in a modal pop-up.
  • Content Area Off-Canvas - a fourth way to display HTML or rich text, this time in a section appearing from the side of the screen.
  • Countdown - a useful element which shows a countdown of numbers. Used for launch dates and is highly customisable.
  • Counter - this is the opposite of Countdown. It is used to count upwards and is used to highlight things such as the number of happy customers you have.
  • Creative CTA - insert creative calls to action to encourage your visitors to do something.
  • Gap - insert gaps between elements without having to play with margins or padding.
  • Global Block - a really useful feature! Create global blocks in Pro's Global Blocks area. You can insert these pre-built blocks anywhere on your website. When a change is made to a global block, it is reflected everywhere across the whole website where you have inserted a global block. Great for contacts or CTAs.
  • Grid - a powerful new element by Themeco. You can create grids of all types using clever functionality. A game changer for the use of grids in your design.
  • Headline - a simple way of adding headings and styling them.
  • Icon - add and style Font Awesome icons anywhere on your page.
  • Image - insert images into your page and have full control over their styling.
  • Line - place lines into your web page and set them up s you want them.
  • Map - insert Google Maps into your website and style them with markers.
  • Navigation Collapsed - add an off-canvas navigation structure to your page, which is displayed when the button is clicked. Useful for mobile devices.
  • Navigation Dropdown - display navigation in a dropdown when the button is clicked.
  • Navigation Inline - place and style your menu in a header bar - or anywhere you want on your website.
  • Navigation Layered - similar to Navigation Collapsed, but when a menu item with a submenu is clicked, the submenu will appear in place of the main menu, but with a back button.
  • Navigation Modal - used to display a modal pop-up with the menu when the button is clicked.
  • Quote - add and style a quotation in numerous ways.
  • Rating - show visual ratings anywhere. Customisable to use any type of icon (stars, smilies, etc.) to suit your style.
  • Raw Content - for the developers out there, you can ad any HTML, CSS or Javascript into this element.
  • Row - this is a new and very clever element. It allows you to add rows and columns within a column so you can build up really detailed layouts and do things which would be impossible in most otehr WordPress themes.
  • Search Dropdown - insert a search bar which drops down when its button is clicked.
  • Search Inline - add a search bar which is always visible anywhere on your website.
  • Search Modal - another of our favourites. A pop-up modal search bar is displayed when its button is clicked.
  • Social - create links to social media using Font Awesome icons and style them as you want.
  • Statbar - a quick and easy way to display dynamic statistics to your visitors.
  • Tabs - add and style tabbed sections on your web page, keeping content nice and tidy.
  • Testimonials - create reviews to add social-proof to your website. Very powerful when used together with Ratings.
  • Text - The most used element in Pro. This is a rich text editor to add text and paragraphs into your page. Versatile and uses HTML, so links, images, videos, shortcodes and much more can be added through this element.
  • Video - insert or embed video into your website.
  • Widget Area - useful for adding widgets in to your page.

See PRO In Action

PRO Extensions

PRO Theme by Themeco comes bundled with nearly three dozen extensions, as Themeco calls them. These extensions are basically 3rd party plugins to add extra functionality to your website. Each of these plugins is extensively tested by Themeco before any new release is offered to Pro users. This ensures that they work seamlessly with Pro.

Pro's extensions include:

  • ACF - Advanced Custom Fields is the most powerful custom data plugin available for WordPress. Perfect for adding in customs fields anywhere on your website.
  • Content Dock - a tool to discretely add either marketing offers or content in an unobtrusive way.
  • Convert Plus - a powerful plugin to add sign-ups and other information to your website in a modal, bar or pop-up.
  • Custom 404 - create a custom 404 error page to suit your website's styling.
  • Discus Comments - integrate your Discus comments account with your website.
  • Email Forms - used in combination with Convert Plus, you can add sign-up forms to your website to allow integration with your Mailchimp or other autoresponder account.
  • Envira Gallery - a fully responsive gallery plugin.
  • Essential Grid - a highly customisable grid plugin to present posts of all types, or display social media content.
  • Estimation & Payment Forms - a plugin to help you manage estimates and payments.
  • Facebook Comments - integrate your Facbook comments with your website.
  • Google Analytics - integrate your Google Analytics code with your website.
  • Layerslider - add an advanced slider to your website.
  • Modern Events Calendar - a fully featured event and booking management plugin.
  • Olark Integration - integrate your Olark live chat directly into your website.
  • Slider Revolution - a powerful slider giving you responsive multi-layered sliders.
  • Smooth Scroll - manage the way scrolling happens on your website.
  • Snippet - add structured data and rich snippets to your website.
  • Soliloquy - a responsive slider.
  • Superfly - add stylish menus to your website.
  • Terms Of Use - ensure that users have to acknowledge your terms of use before registering or checking out of your online shop.
  • The Grid - a powerful grid to display posts of any type and social media content.
  • Ubermenu - a fully featured megamenu allowing infinite layout and styling options for your menus.
  • Under Construction - show your visitors an inspiring holding page whilst your website is under construction.
  • Video Lock - a video marketing tool to place offers and CTAs in front of your visitors.
  • White Label - customise your WordPress login screen to suit your branding.
  • Woo Checkout Editor - add extra fields to your Woocommerce checkout page.
  • WP Bakery Page Editor - use this page builder instead of Pro's own. Useful if you have used WP Bakery and don't have the time to learn Pro.
Pro does not just include all of the above extensions. Some major plugins have also been bundled with the Pro Theme and have been tweaked so that they integrate seamlessly with Pro, keeping your website's look and branding identical throughout.
  • bbPress - one of the best-known and effectve bulletin boards available.
  • BuddyPress - a suite of components which will give your website the ability to act as its own social media platform. Perfect for websites which rely upon visitor interaction.
  • Contact Form 7 - WordPress's most popular contact form plugin.
  • Hubspot - the all-in-one marketing plugin to grow your email list.
  • Mailpoet - perfect for creating newsletters and welcome emails directly from your website.
  • Woocommerce - the #1 eCommerce solution for WordPress. Build your online shop with ease and full functionality.

Themeco's Design Cloud

Design Cloud is one of the features of the PRO Theme by Themeco which is easily overlooked. It is a large repository of ready-made elements, features and even whole websites, which you can install in Pro. For new users, this can be one of the quickest ways f getting your new website up and running.

Design Cloud is also useful to see how templates are set-up so you can tweak them until either you understand how they work, or until you have it in the style you want for your website. Design Cloud is often added to and is a great place to get some of the more advanced Pro Theme is capable of.

Pro is the only WordPress theme you will ever need. It is capable of creating websites of any style, look and functionality. Don't hesitate in getting your licence today!