Web Design

Web DesignCotswold Websites take web design very seriously. A well constructed website is imperative for any business or charity which wants to promote its products or services. A website is the organisation’s window to the world. This window will either be enticing to the viewing public, so encouraging them to browse through your website – and hopefully buy your products or services; or it will see them quickly leave your website, if they do not like what they see.

It is our job to create the perfect site for your needs. To do this we use cutting-edge platforms, which are continually being developed to ensure that they conform to both the latest technology, as well as the highest levels of security. The platforms our websites are built upon are WordPress and Joomla!.

Cotswold Websites and You

Cotswold Websites will help you produce the image that you want to the world. We encourage you to show us examples of how you would ideally like your site to look. In most cases the look and feel will be achievable!

Why WordPress and Joomla!?

Both WordPress and Joomla! are open-source Content Management Systems (CMS), built around PHP coding and a MySQL database. Being open-source means that the core of each CMS is continuously being developed and improved upon by a community of software developers.

On top of the core of the CMS are themes. Themes are in effect what the end user sees – the layout and colour schemes of the website. A vast number of themes, both free and paid-for, are available. It is these themes, together with plugins, which provide extra functionality to the website, that are customised by the web designer to give the customer the final look and feel they are looking for.

Both WordPress and Joomla! will meet most customers’ requirements, but are slightly different in their operation.


WordPress is by far the most popular website platform in the world, with some 75 million websites being built with it. It is also probably the easiest Content Management System to use.
Originally WordPress was developed as a blogging system. Over time, with the rise of a new raft of CMSs, WordPress was developed to compete with these, by adding the concept of Pages to handle static web pages, and keep its top spot as the software of choice for most websites.
Below are some of the advantages of WordPress.

  • Google tends to ranks WordPress websites highly
  • There are a huge number of WordPress themes by a wide selection of developers
  • SEO is made simple compared to other platforms


Joomla! is probably the second most popular CMS out there. Unlike WordPress, it was designed as a CMS, not a blogging platform, from the start.

Joomla! has been particularly adopted by small and medium-sized businesses to manage their websites, where the ease of management of the content is important.

Like WordPress, Joomla! uses templates (themes) to customise the look and feel of the website and extensions (plugins, modules, components) to add functionality.

  • The management of content and menus is intuitative and simple
  • Joomla! is one of the most secure CMS on the market
  • Joomla! is highly scaleable