Reviews & Testimonials For Cotswold Websites

As President of The Gloucestershire Society in 2018, I am very grateful to Cotswold Websites for their professional attitude and close communication in redesigning our website this year. The Gloucestershire Society is a charity, founded in 1657. Cotswold Websites has managed to find the perfect balance between illustrating our history and our day-to-day support of those in need in the ceremonial county of Gloucestershire. I recommend Cotswold Websites as an exceptional web design agency, which will listen and turn a vision into reality.

The Gloucestershire Society

Roger Head OBE DL

I have been working with Cotswold Websites and the level of support and care is second to none! Extremely happy for 2019!

The Max Kirsten Clinic
The Sleep Coach

Multiple Award Winning Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

Max Kirsten

I can wholeheartedly recommend that you waste no more time and contact Cotswold Websites as soon as possible. My business has been transformed as a result of having my websites, and completely overhauled and then carefully worked over so that Maxlyte Financial and Later Life Advice can be found on the first page of Google.

There is no doubt that sometimes with the right recommendation to an expert, you really get excellent value and your business takes off. Cotswold Websites have also built two specialist Guides for Maxlyte Financial and these are really opening doors to business which I would never have discovered had it not been for Cotswold Websites.

Seriously, don't delay - contact them as soon as you can. They are exactly what you need although you won't realise it until your business improves as a result of their excellent creativity.

MaxLyte Financial Limited
Later Life Advice

Equity Release and Later Life Care Specialists

Peter Maxwell-Lyte

Cotswold Websites’s input over the development and construction of my website has been a refreshing and almost unique experience to my great satisfaction and sanity.
I have worked with the market leaders, the “world’s best web designers”’ and still do, but if you want a friend to talk you through "a website" to suit you, listen to Christopher at Cotswold Websites.

  • He will understand you
  • He won’t blind you with technobabble
  • He will be patient and understanding
  • But, I know from personal experience, he also knows the essential bits to fill in behind “your website” that you won’t, and shouldn’t, need to fuss about.

I’d recommend Cotswold Websites to any of my friends who want a website, and, those friends who are recovering from expensive, unsuccessful, frustrating experiences with “the experts”.

Technology is an enabler, it always was; not a “confuser to enable charlatans to profit from the uneducated”.

Feel free to email me to expand on my recommendation of Christopher and Cotswold Websites.

The Original Cabal Cloud Company Limited

Rollo Clifford

Cotswold Websites has done a remarkable job at getting my somewhat vague ideas for a website into a coherent, modern and thoroughly useable website. He has guided me with a professional and friendly manner through the entire process and was always on hand to help whenever I needed it. I cannot recommend him enough, he offers the perfect solution if you are looking for the very highest quality.

Private Tutor
Gloucestershire Primary Tutors

Adam Rush

Christopher White at Cotswold Websites was super efficient, responsive and had a technical solution for all my needs. Christopher was very collaborative and thoughtful and I am very pleased with the result.

Documentary Director, Producer & Journalist

Albina Kovalyova

I found Christopher at Cotswold Websites most helpful. The best thing was being able to work with him as we went along. Sharing and swapping ideas. He was always open to suggestions and we spent a lot of time developing it together. I found the whole process a most worthwhile experience. I cannot recommend Cotswold Websites too highly.

GdeP Associates Ltd.

Award-Winning Actor

Greg de Polnay

As a novice who had agreed to take over the updating of an existing website I needed basic and intermediary level instruction in the use of WordPress. Christopher fulfilled all my requirements admirably. He had great skill in determining my level of needs, and his explanations were clear and succinct. I have no reservations about recommending him to anyone who needs to have a website designed, updated or simply (like me) to have their skills in this area improved.

Website Manager of The British Medical Pilots Association
Retired Doctor & University Lecturer

Dr David Hillam

I am standing as an Independent Councillor at the local elections for Tandridge District Council. I required a website to help promote my message and myself to the Ward that I am standing for Dormansland and Felcourt, as well as a trip of a lifetime that I undertook in 2006. I asked Cotswold Websites to create a website for me. They managed to create this clean and well laid out website within 3 days. It is just what I asked for and I like the easy way in which one can navigate through it, especially those for my trip which show the photographs off so well. Thank you Cotswold Websites for a fantastic job!! I would highly recommend You to anyone who needs a really professional website. Independent Councillor for Dormansland and Felcourt Ward Tandridge District Council

Independent Councillor for Dormansland and Felcourt Ward Tandridge District Council

Sir Nicholas White, Bt.