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Royal Crescent, Bath

Cotswold Websites provide web design and Internet marketing services to businesses, both small and large across Bath and north-east Somerset. Our mission is to work closely with our clients to ensure that every WordPress website we design, or Internet marketing campaign we run, meets or surpasses your requirements. You will always receive a bespoke web design service to help your business grow.

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WordPress Training In BristolWordPress is the website platform of choice for many business throughout the world, and is used by many businesses of all sizes and sectors in Bath. WordPress can be used to build highly complex websites, or very basic ones. A good web designer, such as Cotswold Websites, will create a great website for you.

However, what do you do when you want to add a news post about recently won business in Bath, or if you want to change the wording or an image on any of your website's pages? You have the choice of either paying your web designer to do this for you, or to get your own staff to make the changes.

Cotswold Websites offers WordPress training courses in Bath for both groups and individuals. The WordPress training courses are designed to teach you or your staff all of the tasks necessary to be able to manage the day-to-day running of your WordPress website.

  • Beginners - absolute beginners with no experience of WordPress will benefit from our WordPress For Beginners training course where they will learn all the basics of WordPress and how to use the theme we use to build all our websites.
  • Advanced - people with a basic working knowledge of WordPress can be taken to the next level with our Advanced WordPress training course, by learning advanced techniques and skills needed to build and make substantial changes to the website.

Our WordPress training courses can be held in your Bath offices, or in a third party location in Bath or elsewhere. Please contact us to find out more about what WordPress training can do for you.


Roman Baths, Bath - Web Design By Cotswold Websites

Roman Baths, Bath

Bath is one of England's most beautiful and historic cities, as well as being one of its oldest.

Bath is to be found in the Avon valley at the southern-most tip of the Cotswold Hills. Bath became an important place during the Roman occupation of Britain. From AD 60 and over the following 300 years they built the famous baths, along with temples  and other infrastructure of a wealthy Roman town.

The Bath we know today predominantly took shape during the late-Stuart period and the Georgian era in response to the ever increasing numbers of people travelling to Bath to take the waters. The Georgians made Bath and its spas fashionable, with many of the  aristocracy and greatest names of the day spending time in the city. A lot of the buildings reflect the status of the visitors. Architectural highlights include the magnificent Royal Crescent, Lansdown Crescent, the Circus, Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge. Bath is a city which is a joy to visit and to immerse oneself in its history.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath - Cotswold Websites Web Design

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

As well as being an important tourism destination for both international and British tourists, creating many jobs in the process, Bath is home to a burgeoning software, publishing and service sector. Other important sectors include education and healthcare in the form of two universities and a number of colleges, and the National Health Service.

With Bath having such a diverse local economy, Cotswold Websites aims to help provide web design excellence and Internet marketing expertise to businesses and organisations of all sectors and sizes throughout Bath. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help your business.