Do You Want To Learn How To Use WordPress To Create A Website?

Our "Learn WordPress In A Day course" is an intensive, interactive training course which will teach you how to use WordPress like a pro, giving you all the information and confidence you need to be able to install, configure and build a WordPress website in as little as a day.
£197 per person

Who Is This WordPress Course For?

  1. People who want to learn all the basics for creating a WordPress website.
  2. People who already have a WordPress website and want to learn how to add content and maintain the website.
  3. This WordPress course is for total beginners or people with some basic knowledge of WordPress or other website platforms.
How Much Does Web Design Cost?

How Does This Course Differ From Your Other WordPress Courses?

This course is a fully structured course, which will teach you how to use WordPress with best-practices.

Our other WordPress courses, WordPress Training For Beginners and Advanced WordPress Training are both one-to-one WordPress courses, which are highly flexible in the way they are taught. The one-to-one WordPress courses concentrate on the individual needs of the student, so that the tuition concentrates on their website and the techniques they want or need to learn.

Many students who take this Learn WordPress In A Day course come back for a one-to-one course where they can hone their WordPress skills and experience.

Course Dates

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WordPress Training Course Agenda

Course times: 10:00am till 2:00pm

What you will need: The WordPress course is online, so you will need a computer (PC, laptop, Mac) with a steady Internet connection to be able to access the course, plus whatever you need to be able to make notes about what you are being taught.

What is involved: The WordPress course is presented over Skype where all trainees will be able to speak with the trainer and see the training slides being presented. You will also be given access to a WordPress website where you will be able to practice the techniques you are being taught.

Your WordPress Course Trainer

Your WordPress training course will be run by Christopher White. Christopher has 20 years of experience as a web designer, the last seven exclusively with WordPress.

He graduated in 1993 with a BA degree in Information Systems and has subsequently also become an accredited Internet marketer. Until 2016, his main career was in international business, which enables him to bring real-world business experience to his training courses. Since 2016, Christopher has run his own web design, digital marketing and WordPress training businesses, Cotswold Wesbites and White Media.

Christopher White - Cotswold Websites


Getting Started With WordPress

  1. An introduction to WordPress.
  2. The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org and why we will be using WordPress.org.
  3. A look at the basic costs of running a WordPress website and what you will need as a minimum.
  4. A brief look at web hosting companies and why you need to choose the right web host.
  5. How to choose, buy and set up a domain.

How To Choose Your WordPress Theme

  1. What is a WordPress theme.
  2. How to choose the right WordPress theme for your website's needs.
  3. How to see which theme another WordPress website is using.
  4. The WordPress theme we recommend.
  5. Why you must use a child theme.

Installing & Configuring WordPress

  1. How to install WordPress on your domain.
  2. How to install your WordPress theme.
  3. Getting the basic WordPress configuration set up.
  4. How to configure your WordPress theme's settings.

WordPress Conventions

  1. Understanding the difference between Pages and Posts in WordPress.
  2. Understanding what Post Types are in WordPress.
  3. What are WordPress Categories and Tags and how to use them.
  4. Learning about WordPress's Gutenberg content editor and WordPress blocks.
  5. How to manage content like videos in WordPress.

Creating Your First Content

  1. How to create your first WordPress page.
  2. Adding text to your first page.
  3. Hyperlinking your text to internal or external links.
  4. How to insert media (images, video, audio, documents) into a WordPress page.

Keeping Your WordPress Website Well Organised

  1. How to use the Media Library to keep your media well-organised and easily accessible.
  2. How to use Categories and Tags to organise your Posts and Products well.
  3. How to organise your Pages and Posts in a logical order.
  4. How to set up a menu system and configure it to suit your audience.

WordPress Plugins and How They Can Help You

  1. Discover what WordPress plugins are and how they can benefit your website.
  2. How to install WordPress plugins.
  3. The WordPress plugins we recommend and why we use them.

WordPress Security

  1. How you can ensure your WordPress website is secure.
  2. The methods of backing up your WordPress website.
  3. The importance of regular website maintenance.
  4. How to protect forms on your WordPress website.


  1. What is a blog and do you need one.
  2. How to use a blog effectively to drive traffic to your website.
  3. How to create a blog structure which will work for the long-term.
  4. How to create your first blog post.
  5. Why you should not neglect category pages.

Social Media and WordPress

  1. Learn the correct way to use social media with your WordPress website.
  2. How "share" buttons can get your web pages visibility on social media.
  3. How to use your own social media links on your WordPress website effectively.
  4. How to integrate your WordPress website with your mailing list and why you should do so.
  5. How to add chat or chatbots to your website and what this can achieve for you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and WordPress

  1. What is SEO.
  2. How to improve your website's usability with "pretty URLs".
  3. Which SEO plugins to use to help you with SEO.
  4. How to optimise your images for search and rank highly on Google Images.
  5. Best-practices for optimising your page content for search.
  6. How using structured data (schema) can help improve your SEO.
  7. The importance of linking for SEO.

Enabling and Moderating Comments

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of using comments on your website.
  2. How to turn the WordPress comments (discussion) system on or off.
  3. How to see comments and moderate them.
  4. How to stop or reduce comment spam.


Having completed this WordPress course, you will be able to do the following:
  1. Create your own WordPress website.
  2. Edit, update and maintain an existing WordPress website.
  3. Create a WordPress blog.
  4. Keep a WordPress website safe, secure and updated.
  5. Optimise your website's content so it has the best chance of ranking well for your primary keywords and converting visitors to leads or sales.
  6. Make informed choices about the use of WordPress themes, plugins and widgets which arebest suited to your website's requirements.
  • As a novice who had agreed to take over the updating of an existing website I needed basic and intermediary level instruction in the use of WordPress. Christopher fulfilled all my requirements admirably. He had great skill in determining my level of needs, and his explanations were clear and succinct. I have no reservations about recommending him to anyone who needs to have a website designed, updated or simply (like me) to have their skills in this area improved.
    Dr David Hillam
    Website Manager
    The British Medical Pilots Association
    Retired Doctor & University Lecturer
  • Really great introduction to Wordpress. As someone who has little experience with it, I've now come away feeling confident to post and edit content across our website. Christopher explained everything concisely and was extremely personable. Thanks for making it all seem so easy! Ella
    Ella Chamberlain
    Marketing & Website Manager
    The Cyber Scheme
  • Christopher provided a really helpful and informative Wordpress training session.
    Emily Kinsella
    Website Manager
    The Cyber Scheme
  • Christopher was good at explaining what was needed in the website text for SEO and took me through the basics of Wordpress and Cornerstone. Very helpful training.
    Susanna Watson
    Funeral Celebrant
    Remembered Lives