Support Services

Designing, building and commissioning a website is an important first step to a new and exciting web presence. However, how many companies think that once the website is published, the work is done? The work on a website is never done, as a website is something which will always be in a state of evolution. Why?

As well as you needing to keep your content up-to-date, you must also think about keeping the structure of your website, its templates and plugins up-to-date. If these are not regularly updated, you are at risk of a security breach – in the worst case the loss of data and your website.

Security is therefore of paramount importance. Hackers and the like continuously look to breach the security of websites and steal data or change the layout of the website.

If you already have a website, does it have the generic login address and username? If yes, please call Cotswold Websites so that we can help you overcome this big vulnerability to hackers.

Cotswold Websites can support making sure that your website is as safe and secure as it should be. Please contact us with details of how we can help you.