Photography For Websites

All good websites and publications benefit from professionally shot photographs. Great photography for websites will complement the theme of the individual page and help illustrate the topic that is being written about.

Cotswold Websites offers a photography service to help you capture the picture you need to bring your website or publication to life.

A great image can help define your product, service or brand and let it stand out against the competition. The quality of the photography for websites is also of importance. An excellent picture will enhance the website, giving it the professional, trustworthy look and feel you want to portray, whilst a poor picture can actually damage your business's public image and the trust your audience should be placing in you.

Make sure that every picture, logo is crisp and sharp in its focus and colours. Again, a blurred picture will only ensure that your visitors leave your website quickly.

Many websites take the quick and easy route to filling their website with pictures. They use stock pictures downloaded from the Internet. This can be a mistake. Cotswold Websites uses photography to enhance the content on each of your webpages, to try to make sure that each picture reflects the words on that page.

Professional Photographic Equipment

We use professional Canon cameras and have a full array of lighting equipment to ensure the best quality images are shot each and every time. For our photography for websites we also have use white, black or green background screens to highlight the person or item being photographed. In the case of the green screen, background images or videos can be superimposed upon the screen to give you a finished picture that you would not normally be able to get - just like Hollywood special effects.

To get the very best out of each image, Cotswold Websites uses industry-leading tools such as PhotoShop for the post production of the pictures. Shadows, brightness, vibrance, along with a multitude of other corrections can be dealt with through PhotoShop, ensuring top quality pictures to use on your website.

Whether you want to shoot pictures indoors or outside in the city or countryside, Cotswold Websites can help you with its photography for websites services.

Do you want a portrait, a landscape, or a close-up of a product? Again, Cotswold Websites will give you the look and feel you want for your project.