Consulting Website

The Original Cabal Cloud Company

Rollo Clifford, chairman of The Original Cabal Cloud Company Limited, approached Cotswold Websites through LinkedIn and asked us to help put together a brand-new consulting website to promote both his business, as well as charitable and local government activities.

Based on Exmoor, Rollo is a champion of all things Exmoor and is a Councillor at West Somerset District Council. His business expertise is based around strategy and implementation. Being an experienced non-executive director and Internet entrepreneur, he is an exceptional mentor and advisor in helping companies and groups work more efficiently together.

The consulting website was built with close interaction from Rollo Clifford. The website was intended from the outset to be something which delicately combines the business aims with showcasing rural Exmoor.

Cabalcloud Homepage


The Original Cabal Cloud Company's consulting website's homepage starts with a large picture of a view from the hill above Porlock Bay, emphasising the Exmoor connection, before moving into motivational quotations and the key main services and interests of Rollo Clifford.

A few recommendations from clients are displayed in a slider before finishing the page with a contact form. The page is simple, yet concise, making clear what potential clients can expect from The Original Cabal Cloud Company.

Cabalcloud Strategy Page


The strategy page is the first of two pages, which outlines how Rollo Clifford is able to support and guide his clients to a successful outcome.

He puts forward the process he will take the clients through and strives to put in place a strategy with them which can then be implemented in the next stage.

Cabalcloud Implementation Page


Having taken potential clients through the recommended process of building a strategy to overcome the problem the client is facing, and agreed upon a strategy, Rollo Clifford then helps the client implement the agreed strategy.

Rollo will present the picture of the situation to the whole group, as an external third party, who has listened to every individual's information and taken into account their role within the organisation, and present his warts and all assessment of the situation. He then helps the client work through each issue which has been identified until a successful conclusion has been reached.

Cabalcloud About Page

About and Other Pages

The About page is a short biography of Rollo Clifford and his main business, political and charitable activities, through his career.

Rollo Clifford took an active and hands-on approach to putting together this consulting website and was a delight to work with.