The Gloucestershire Society

The Gloucestershire Society is the oldest surviving county society. Founded on 1st December 1657 by a group of fifty “Gloucestershire gentlemen that inhabit within the City of Bristol”, a set of rules was established for a county charity, whose aim was to support those who are Gloucestershire born and bred and have fallen upon hard times.

Each year a President is chosen to head The Gloucestershire Society and lead the fundraising for the year. The President presides over the Committee and each summer organises the Society’s annual Feast and church service.

The aims of The Gloucestershire Society in the 21st Century are fundamentally unchanged from its inception in the 17th Century. Grants are still made to the poor and needy of the old County of Gloucestershire, but nowadays the applications for support tend to come through local councils and local charities, which support those in need. Grants are handled swiftly and tend to be between £50 – £200 on average. In total some £55,000 is granted each year.

Until Cotswold Websites was asked to design and build a website, The Gloucestershire Society had never had a website before. It was decided to build the site using Joomla!, mainly due to Joomla!’s excellent management of content.