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MaxLyte FinancialMaxLyte Financial is a London-based independent financial adviser. They specialise in equity release, cash flow modelling, later life advice and life planning, combining these areas to give a high quality financial advice to their customers. Their equity release website was looking tired and was in need of a redesign.

MaxLyte Financial approached Cotswold Websites for a new equity release website, having been recommended to us by another company. Their existing website, though created with WordPress, was in a sorry state and did not reflect the professionalism of the firm. Our task was to build a new, fresh-looking, modern website to help attract new business. It would have a clean look, which would be easy to navigate and disseminate information to potential clients. We redesigned and rebuilt every page on the equity release website to fit the new corporate image.


The homepage for MaxLyte Financial's equity release website is designed to give an immediate overview of the different financial services offered by the firm. These link through to the relevant pages where the service is presented in detail. The design will help SEO for the overall website, as well as fulfilling the client's requirements.

Other key requirements for this page were to encourage the viewer to contact MaxLyte Financial. Therefore, the various buttons, forms and images either link through to MaxLyte Financial's contact details, or they link to the company's specialist cash flow modelling tools, which will give the client direct access to the company and its key strengths.

Equity Release

Equity Release is the primary service that MaxLyte Financial offers. Equity Release is a financial vehicle to release cash from the value of your home, in return for either selling or mortgaging some or all of the percentage of the ownership of the house. The exact detail will depend upon the type of Equity Release model followed.

There is a lot of information on this page, so like many other pages, we decided to split the main sections of information into either white or blue-background strips. This enables the page to be neatly divided, giving the viewer digestible chunks of information, whilst also imposing MaxLyte Financial's branding through the use of colour.

Downloadable reports and brochures are available on this page, as are links to the CashCalc tool used to work out the best possible Equity Release plan for the client.

Cash Flow Modelling

MaxLyte Financial place great importance on cash flow modelling when advising clients. Cash flow modelling uses powerful tools to establish the client's income and expenditure patterns, as well as estimating future projections. The model can be manipulated to demonstrate how increases in expenditure, decreases in income, lowering expenditure, or increasing income can have a dramatic effect on the client's investment or equity release plans.

Cash flow modelling is an important tool to enable a client to be well advised and so that they can make choices which they can afford and will best benefit them in their retirement.

Life Planning Service

Peter Maxwell-Lyte, the founder of MaxLyte Financial, is a Registered Life Planner. Life planning is the process developed by the Kinder Institute to help the client establish what really drives them, what they want to achieve in life, and which life goals they want to realise. Once these underlying life wishes and goals have been established, MaxLyte Financial create and deliver a financial strategy to help bring the wishes and goals to reality.

Probate & Estate Administration

Dealing with the winding up of the affairs of a deceased relative or friend can be a daunting prospect. If you are acting as an executor, you will be responsible for dealing with these time-consuming and difficult tasks.

MaxLyte Financial has long experience with both handling probate, as well as advising on estate administration. They can help guide you through each step and work closely with specialist partners, who will give expert advice on specific topics. MaxLyte Financial also help you to reduce administrative costs by putting you in touch with specialists who, unlike most solicitors or banks offering administrative services, will keep everything running smoothly for a fixed fee up front, so you know what you will be paying in advance.


The contact page is designed to give all of MaxLyte Financial's contact details simply and easily. Clients can communicate directly by telephone, post or e-mail, or if they prefer, through a contact form.

To help clients find the location of MaxLyte Financial's offices, a full width Google map shows its location close to Victoria Station in Belgravia, central London.