Website For Tutors

Gloucestershire Primary Tutors

Gloucestershire Primary Tutors is a private tutor offering primary school age tuition. We were asked to create a tutor website to help them build their new business by taking advantage of the need for private tuition during the Covid-19 lockdown. This website for tutors is aims to display each of the services offered, whilst being visually attractive and engaging. Most of the tutor websites of the competition were either uninspiring or unprofessional. Using bespoke web design the aim of this project was give Gloucestershire Primary Tutors' visitors a unique experience which they would enjoy.

With this tutoring website we wanted to give Gloucestershire Primary Tutors the ability to rank above all other competition in as short a time as possible, using SEO and web design best practices.

Tutoring Website Homepage

The tutoring website's homepage was designed as a landing page where the visitor would be able to understand what services are being offered immediately. Different web design strategies were employed to make this possible.

The top section of the page is an interactive slider with links to each of the service pages, together with social-proof in the form of a link directly to Gloucestershire Primary Tutors' Google My Business reviews. To encourage engagement, there is a stand-out call to action button which opens up an off-canvas contact form.

Scrolling down, the website for tutors brings up the main menu and header. The next sections give an overview of all the services offered together with inspiring images of children learning or at play. The page ends with a grid linking to each tutoring service.

All pages are fully optimised for search, using industry best-practices for SEO. This gives the new tutor website the best chance of ranking as highly as possible in the search results from day one.

Tutoring Services Website Pages

The tutoring services pages of this tutor's website all follow the same design and layout to give the visitor a uniform experience when navigating the pages. The page is divided into three or four short sections describing the details of the tutoring service on offer with an appropriate image alongside each section of text.

Below that follows the pricing and thereafter the locations where the services are being offered. As this is a local business, appealing to a specific geographic area was important to the client.

Websites For Tutors

We design websites for tutors so that they can promote their tutoring services and allow the website to display the tutor's character and style of teaching. With such a personal service and the tutor being in a position of authority, it is important that the tutor's website comes across as friendly, authoritative and that the tuition is likely to be fun and rewarding.

If you are a private tutor looking for a new website, we would be delighted to hear from you and offer you a free consultation to discuss your ideas and plans. All our websites for tutors are bespoke designed for you. We look forward to hearing from you!