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Ellie White

Ellie White, Gloucestershire is a luxury brand, based in the southern Cotswolds. Ellie White specialises in selling realistic artificial flowers to the wholesale trade and online through an eCommerce website. The faux flowers are some of the best in the market and Ellie White's eCommerce website needed to reflect that.

Cotswold Websites were asked to create an online presence for Ellie White in the form of a clean and visually enticing florist website, together with an integrated online shop. We were also tasked to create a simple, but memorable logo for the brand, in the form of a Lurcher running at speed.

The Ellie White website was built using WordPress and a Themeco's Pro Theme to make sure it is optimised for all screen sizes. The online shop is fully integrated with the main website so that the whole website has a uniform appearance. Being a predominantly silk flower business, using images is key to the website's appeal. We have integrated full screen parallax sliders, grids of images and links to other parts of the website and various other visually high impacting tools. The overall result is an eCommerce website which is a pleasure to visit.

The online shop continues the visual theme from the rest of the website and is easy to navigate around. A complex shipping table has been built-in to enable the accurate calculation of shipping costs for the site's users. Payment processing happens offsite with the payment processor, before the customer is returned to the website. The branding of Ellie White is constant throughout.

Ellie White Homepage


The brief for Ellie White's homepage was that it should be a vibrant page with plenty of colour and contain sections which display most of the core products and concepts on offer.

This was achieved through the use of a full-screen parallax slider above the masthead, over which the menu bar rises. The first section of the page explains the Ellie White vision, before coming on to a "real or faux" section where the guest is invited to guess whether the flowers pictured are real or fake. Hovering over the image will flip it to reveal the answer.

The Range is a link using overlayed grid images to the main services pages. Hovering over the image will remove the overlay colour and the page title slips down the image. This leads onto a post giving a history of faux flowers before showing several featured products from the Shop.

The Team section links through to the biographies of the owners of Ellie White. The final two sections are live feeds of all journal (blog) posts and the Instagram feed.

Ellie White Flowers

Flowers Page

This page is a simple product listing of all the main flower arrangements which can be bought in the online shop. Each product is linked through to the Shop where it can be bought. It was designed to be a quick overview of the entire online range.

Ellie White Shop

Online Shop

Ellie White's eCommerce shop had to have a clean look and be laid out on a grid form. Hovering over the image or name brings up the the start rating of the project and the link to take you to the product's own page where it can be viewed in greater detail and can be bought.

The shop's menu is laid out as a mega menu which shows all the categories within the shop. Choosing one of these will filter the products to just that category.

Ellie White Product

Product Pages

The product pages are the detailed pages about each and every product in the online shop.

The top of the page shows a good sized picture of the product. Hovering over the image zooms you in on the details within the picture to allow a close-up of any area of the image. Multiple pictures can be added and viewed.

The product can be either set at a straight-forward rate, or, as in this example, it can have options of size, style or anything else. The choices made by the purchaser will determine the final price.

The central section of the page deals with the product description, shipping details and any customer reviews, whilst the bottom of the page attempts to upsell to the customer by showing them other products which might be of interest to them.

Once the choice has been made and the product has been added to the basket, the customer is taken through to the delivery options and the checkout. Ellie White has complex shipping options set-up to allow standard carriage or express carriage, based upon different carriers' pricing and the weight of the packaged product. The payment is taken securely off-site by PayPal, though other banking systems could be integrated.

In the background the order status can be altered and the relevant notifications sent to the customer, as the order is processed. Once set-up this eCommerce solution runs very smoothly.

Ellie White Journal


The journal is Ellie White's blog post section of the website. The posts are categorised so that their content can be properly managed and be appropriately seen by Google and other search engines.

The top-level journal page brings together all posts, showing their featured image and the first 60 or so words of the post, as well as tags entered against the post. Clicking on the Read More button or the image will open the post up to show its full contents. The layout is deliberately in a masonry grid format, giving a sense of flowing from one post to the next. the latest post will always show at the top-left of the page.

Ellie White's posts are also linked to their mailing list (Mailchimp). This means that whenever a new post is added to the website, it will also be e-mailed to the entire mailing list. This can be a good way of promoting a new product to a group of people who are already interested in the product.

Ellie White Contact Page


The contact page is very simple, but properly protected against spammers. It is there to provide easy communication with Ellie White on any matter. The contact form asks for just the most basic information to be able to deal with a customer's requests.

Its protection is enhanced through the use of reCaptcha technology to ensure a real person is making the enquiry, rather than a spammer's robots.

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