eCommerce Website

Mosaic and Intrigue of Stroud

Mosaic and Intrigue of Stroud started to look at having an eCommerce website created in early 2020. The two eclectic shops are based in Kendrick Street in Stroud, where they are popular and well-frequented shops. As a part of their growth plans, the shops' owner, Caroline decided to start selling some of the shop's products in an online shop. This is when the eCommerce website project began.

Working closely with Caroline, we started to build the eCommerce website using Woocommerce. This would enable the online shop and its accompanying website to grow over time. Initially the website was to be a simlple online shop. However, over time as Mosaic and Intrigue's staff become experts with their eCommerce solution, the website will be expanded to include a blog together with other news and offers.

eCommerce Website Design

An eCommerce website needs to be user-friendly and make the online shoppng experience both fun and simple for the visitor. Of paramount importance was that the eCommerce website is designed as a "mobile first" website, so that users on smaller or mobile devices are able to interact with the online shop as well as desktop users. The website is therefore responsive to different screen sizes and is 100% mobile-friendly.

Online Shop Branding & Styling

Mosaic and Intrigue are two shops with very different styles - from the elegant to the vivacious hippy in style. Neither shop had any formal branding. An initial part of the eCommerce project was to work out a style and image which would suit both shops. We agreed that it needed to be clean and neutral so that neither character extreme of either shop is too dominant. Thus was born the new logo and colour scheme of the website.

With the branding and primary colour decided upon, the building and styling of the eCommerce website was able to begin properly. Caroline decided that initially she would only offer her giftware products, bags and some unisize clothing in the online shop. Over time other product ranges will be added.

Category Pages

The online shop has a large number of product categories, with products often being in multiple categories. This entailed a lot of testing to make sure the category structure was fit for purpose.

The category pages have been designed so that the products stand out well. The pages are clean and bright and enable the visitor to easily add products to their shopping basket at category level, without having to navigate through to the actual product page.

eCommerce Basket & Checkout

Easy access to the eCommerce website's basket and checkout was an important consideration. As the website has been built with Themeco's Pro Theme, we were able to design and build complex headers and footers for the online shop. The most important feature was the inclusion of an off-canvas shopping cart. Clicking the cart button opens a slide-in panel which displays the contents of the shopping cart and allows the visitor to choose to go to either the basket or directly to the checkout. This feature saves the online shopper at least two steps to checking out when compared to the standard Woocommerce steps.

Alongside the shopping cart are buttons to allow the visitor to quickly access their onlne account, as well as to view their wishlist (if they have added products to it).

Product Pages

Mosaic and Intrigue's product pages are once again designed to be bright and clean in style, so that the important information is immediately visible to the shopper. As with the entire website, these pages have been designed with the mobile user first and are therefore 100% responsive and mobile-friendly.

The first thing the online shopper sees is the product image, together with the product's title and its price. oices of add to basket or add to wishlist are clearly displayed  alongside the product's picture.

Scrolling down the page, the product description is the next thing the visitor will see. It is cleanly laid out and easy to read. In the two tabs next to the description, the shipping information and any reviews can be viewed, but they are initially kept hidden.

The last elements on the single product page are the upsells or cross-sells. these are products which are similar to the product being viewed, or are products other customers tend to buy along with the displayed product. Their purpose is to encourage the online shopper to choose multiple products. A similar feature also exists in the basket page.