Caroline Ingraham

Applied Zoopharmacognosy

Caroline Ingraham is the founder of Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosy and a leading expert in animal self-medication. Caroline has appeared widely in the media, scientific journals and has written many books on animal self-medication.

Caroline initially approached Cotswold Websites for a training course in how to build websites using WordPress. Following a successful initial training session, it soon became clear that the intended project was actually a full-blown website redesign, moving away from the existing Drupal website to a brand-new WordPress website with a substantial online shop, as well as the ability to ofer online courses through the website. Working closely with Caroline, we began a two-phase redesign project - initially the information and online course elements of the website, followed by the eCommerce elements.

The first phase of the website saw a significant increase in traffic to the website shortly after it went live. Caroline also brought new traffic through a well executed Facebook campaign.

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Responsive Web Design

With the majority of website traffic taking place on mobile devices, a key requirement for this web design project was to make sure that the website is responsive and therefore mobile-friendly.

The website uses responsive web design to allow the content to flow to suit each screen type and size. The responsive design allows visitors to have a great experience on the website with the content optimised to suited to their device's screen size.

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