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Books About Dogs

The Books About Dogs website was created as a book promotion website to pre-launch the author Pippa White's upcoming book, The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair.

The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair tells the story of Pippa's Bedlington-cross Lurcher, Ellie, who was rescued in August 2009 and came to live with her in Gloucestershire. The book follows Ellie's story, along with anecdotes and delightful tales about Pippa's interaction with and observations about many other animals through her life.

The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair is a book about rescue and redemption, for both the dogs and the owner herself. The book promotion website has been integral to Pippa's plans to promote the book and drive traffic to Amazon where the book is available to buy.

Doubling as an author website, the visitor will also discover more about Pippa and her future plans and book releases. Author websites are important for authors to be able to build their reputation and reach.

Book Promotion Website Design Requirements

The design requirements for Books About Dogs were straight-forward. Being a book promotion website, the website needed to be a landing page to publicise The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair, build a mailing list and sell the digital and physical copies of the book. The book is available exclusively on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions, so this website needs to function as a central location to direct visitors to the Amazon links. As well as promoting the book, this website is also an author website which Pippa uses to inform her audience about her background and future book-writing projects.

Books About Dogs was designed by Cotswold Websites using WordPress and Themeco's Pro Theme. It is a highly visual website enabling its visitors to see the many characters described in the book. The book promotion website is also intended as a companion to the Kindle edition of the book, which lacks photographs due to size considerations. Therefore the reader is directed to the website to see the images.

The mailing list requirement was achieved by integrating the client's e-mail autoresponder with the website, so that wherever on the website a viewer signs-up to receive the free chapters or newsletter, their e-mail address will be added to the mailing list to keep them informed about the author's website and further book promotion plans.

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