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The Badminton Benefice

The Badminton Benefice LogoThe Badminton Benefice, in the Diocese of Gloucester, consists of seven rural parishes straddling the Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire borders. Its parishes are largely traditional in their worship, using the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and The King James Version for their services.

The First Church Website

The Benefice formerly had a simple self-built church website, which gave basic information about the Benefice and the rota of services. It was clear that a fuller, more professional church website was needed and so Cotswold Websites were asked to build a new website from scratch. The new website was built using Joomla! due to the relatively large amount of pages, which were expected for the website and therefore the requirement to manage the articles as easily as possible. Incorporated into the church website is an image gallery, categorising and captioning pictures of the nine churches in the Benefice.

The Current Church Website

In 2017 the Churchwardens of the Benefice decided that they would like the church website to be more inclusive in the way in which information about news and events is distributed, and for the website to be more dynamic with its integration with social media. Cotswold Websites were asked to deliver the new church website, which we have proudly done.

The latest church website has been built using WordPress and makes use of many of the advanced features of Themeco's Pro Theme. Images dominate the website making navigation simple and intuitive. Key to the church website is the management of services and events using a calendar. This enables information about upcoming services and events to be displayed in various formats throughout the website, according to the requirements of each page.

Grid layouts are used effectively to manage images and links to posts and other pages, as well as to display galleries of each church.

The 2018 Website

The 2013 Website